Tips for Throwing a Children’s Birthday Party

Looking for party planning guidance for your child? From DIY to finding a venue, here’s the 6 ultimate tips you need in order to pull off a successful birthday.

For many children, their birthday is their favorite holiday, and what is better than throwing the ultimate party to celebrate it?

Hosting a birthday party can be quite the challenge, especially when the main goal is to entertain a young crowd. As a parent or guardian, you want what is best for your son or daughter, so planning the perfect birthday party comes with many tasks. Some include– ordering the most delicious cake, decorating the event space with favorite colors or characters, and inviting and managing your child’s friends who are potentially the same age as your own.

If you’re looking for party planning guidance, here are some helpful tips to successfully arrange an occasion your child will love:

1- Invitations

A birthday party wouldn’t be a celebration without your child’s friends joining the fun as well. For children, hosting a birthday party is unquestionably enjoyable, but for their friends, it is just as special for them to receive an invite.

You can go about invitations in many different ways:

1- Purchasing pre-made invitations in the store is one option

2- If you want to save some money and involve your child in the planning process, have he or she use the arts and crafts method to hand-make them!

3- If you’re running low on time and a budget, using a free online event planning tool can help organize your invites and track the RSVPs you receive.

2- Determine a Location

If the party is wanted at a specific destination, it is important to research venues and book a space a couple of months in advance. Doing so can solidify your reservation and help the event staff prepare in an orderly fashion.

If you plan to host a birthday party at home, make it a little easier for your guests to find your residence. For example, tie some balloons to your mailbox or place a sign at the beginning of your road that says “Party This Way”.

3- Decorate the Space

Birthday party decorations are what make the atmosphere visually appealing. Incorporating streamers, noise makers, balloons, birthday hats, and confetti can turn your empty space into a colorful dream world for your child.

4- Activities & Party Essentials

Kids love goodie bags! They can include bubbles, stickers, temporary tattoos, candy and even more! The great thing is, all of the goodie bag essentials can easily be found for quite cheap. Having your child hand out goodie bags at the end of the event is a great way to say “thank you” to everyone who came to celebrate.

Games are another party necessity that can bring about a lot of excitement. It is a way to keep everyone busy and entertained. Here are some suggestions:

1- Water Balloon Toss

2- Pin the Tail on the Donkey

3- Scavenger Hunt

4- Obstacle Course

5- Musical Chairs

5- Dessert/Snacks

A child with a sugar high– any parents’ unwanted nightmare, and created by an overabundance of cake and ice cream! Even though dessert isn’t the healthiest option for kids, it is a party essential. Singing happy birthday, blowing out the candles, and making a wish are all part of the birthday party experience. To make the party even more entertaining, try placing trick candles in the cake to create a lot of laughs!

If your child asks for a specific character, design or color on their cake, order it from a bakery or grocery store. If not, baking it at home will do just the trick. Sometimes buying boxed mix and container frosting is just the right thing to satisfy a group of children.

6- Have fun!

Don’t let the stress of party planning ruin the day. If something doesn’t go perfect, just roll with the punches. No matter what, it will be a memorable day. Enjoy!


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