Chunky Charlie – The Fresh Living Experience

Throughout history, dogs have gone above and beyond to show us their love and loyalty. Be it the legendary Gelert, who saved his master’s baby from a dangerous snake, or, more recently, Roselle, the fearless guide dog who led her blind companion and 30 other people though fire, smoke and debris to safety 80 floors down during the 9/11 Twin Tower attack.

Even when not being especially heroic, our dogs make us better. They relieve our stress, protect us from harm, and have even been shown to reduce our blood pressure and risk of heart disease. They are more than just pets: they are our companions, our babies – our family.

Frankly, we don’t deserve them, and we owe them so much. Which is why Chunky Charlie, a unique gourmet dog food brand that has just debuted in a local freezer near you from September 2021, believes that they deserve the absolute best food in order to live their absolute best life.

The truth is that, as pet parents, we are concerned about what we feed our four-legged companions. Chunky Charlie is invested in providing both pet and pet parent with the high-quality ingredients, formulations and proven nutritional elements required to cater for all your companion’s dietary needs, while still ensuring that the taste and experience is always exceptional.

Chunky Charlie is utterly focused on providing our four-legged companions with a fresh living experience. Specially formulated to ensure we offer a balance of fresh first-class ingredients and taste guaranteed, our ingredients are delivered daily to our factory and are blended and steam-cooked to specifically seal in the vital nutrients. Our production process is completed in accordance with stringent food safety protocols and food contract requirements, and our products are and packaged for your convenience.

Chunky Charlie’s gourmet dog food range offers dogs a complete and balanced meal solution with an explosion of flavour in four different variations – beef, chicken, lamb and puppy, which is chicken flavoured for delicate baby tummies. The best food for all dogs – no matter their breed, age, size or special dietary requirements – Chunky Charlie is both healthy and nutritious, and innovatively packed into our revolutionary pet food rolls.

These pet food rolls are a first for South Africa, and are already wildly popular in America, Australia and Europe. Pet parents there have already discovered the ease of pet food in a roll, which streamlines food preparation for hungry hounds. Simply store Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food in your home freezer, ready for treating and eating! Our packaging offers effortless preparation, whether you want to simply cut a slice as a treat or chop into a meal, our dog food rolls are convenient, easy for storing and handling.

Chunky Charlie’s recipes are developed by registered animal nutritionists, and consist of the highest quality farm raised pork, beef, lamb and chicken. Only farm fresh meat and vegetables are used, and the meals are packed with quality proteins, fibre, vitamins, minerals, and – of course – functional nutrition. We do not put anything into Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food that we wouldn’t eat ourselves. In fact, our ingredients are so fresh, they are suitable for both human and pet consumption – no smelly additives!

Our range is designed to be the pet equivalent of your finest cuisine experience, and we take pride in bringing delicious, modern dining straight to your buddy’s bowl. Be your dog’s hero, and spoil them with Chunky Charlie’s ground-breaking new approach to healthy, nutritious pet meals and snacks for your dog – in retail outlets including Pick’n’Pay, Checkers, and coming soon to your local Vet and Pet Stores nationwide.

Don’t take our word for it – let your dog do the convincing with our meaty delights, ready to satisfy your canine’s cuisine cravings. We are sure your dog’s tail will do the talking after trying out Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food.


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