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Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food Rolls are going to make your life with your furry best friend so much better. Long gone are the days of serving your dog the same dry food every day!

You can now feed your dog ready to serve, healthy, fresh and delicious food that is packed with protein, fibre and all the healthy vitamins and minerals your dog needs for a balanced diet.

Our dogs are far more than just pets, they are our loyal companions – a member of the family. Healthy dogs are happy dogs and knowing that you are feeding your furry best friend wholesome, fresh and nutrient rich food will leave you feeling like a hero.  Our recipes have been created in conjunction with specialist pet nutritionists. We use South African farm raised beef, chicken and lamb, combined with succulent vegetables.

You can serve Chunky Charlie on its own or you can add it to dry kibble. It can even be used in conjunction with dog treat toys. Whichever way you choose to present it, your pup will be licking their lips for more.

At Chunky Charlie, we know that dogs are more than just pets. They are companions, family members and friends. We believe they deserve the best food to live their best life. That’s why we use farm fresh meat and vegetables, providing all the proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals your loyal pooch needs.

Try Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food and be your pup’s hero. It’s the most rewarding way to show you faithful companion how much you care.

Developed by animal nutritionists, our recipes are made with high quality farm raised pork, beef, lamb and chicken delivered daily to the factory. They are then blended steam-cooked to lock in the vital nutrients, all done according to stringent food safety requirements.


Convenient – just defrost and serve

Made from 100% Farm Fresh Ingredients

Packed With Vitamins and Minerals

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All the wholesome quality your dog deserves

We believe our dogs and cats deserve only the best fresh food to help them live their best and happiest lives. That is why we developed  our recipes to  only use fresh, wholesome ingredients. They are gently pre-cooked and delivered to you frozen for freshness.

Our recipes are made with South African raised pork, beef, lamb and chicken delivered daily to the factory where they are blended and steam-cooked to lock in the vital nutrients, all done according to the stringent food safety requirements. The factory complies with all food safety requirements and are HACCP, FSSC 22000 and ZA approved.

Only raw material, vitamins and minerals suitable for both human consumption and pet consumption are used in our recipes to enhance the dog food rolls with all the vitamins and minerals needed to give your pet a complete and balanced diet. Our food recipes and products are all being developed by Specialist Animal Nutritionists and provide a complete meal solution.

A Proud Member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa is dedicated to regulating and upholding quality and safety standards of pet food products.

Being a member of the PFI-SA proudly displays a commitment to international standards of safe and ethical pet nutrition, giving you peace of mind that your dog is receiving the best.