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Wouldn’t it be awesome? It’s almost like the Woollies of dog food. We make it ready to serve. You serve it and it looks like you are a Master Chef when it comes to hand made dog food without the hassle of preparing it yourself.

Ever felt frustrated and helpless when your dog is disinterested in those boring dry food you serve them every day?

No more feelings of guilt when those puppy dog eyes look at you when they smell your home made food. With the help of Charlie and his Chunky Charlie Ready To Serve Home Made Cooking, you can now feed your dog healthy, fresh and tasty food that is not only convenient and ready to serve but also with all the healthy vitamins and minerals that makes Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food a Complete and Balanced Meal.

Now you can enjoy your fun time with your furry friend, knowing that he has been fed with healthy food like it is your own home cooking.

Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food and Treats are excited to introduce our fresh new gourmet pet food range to market. Dedicated to give all our our customers and pet fans a total fresh living experience. Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food Range is committed to bringing you the power of fresh, ready to serve real food for dogs.

From the moment we start to develop new and innovative fresh food recipes for ready to serve daily meals and occasional treats, we take care to source only the best fresh ingredients and make our recipes with the finest attention to detail and food safety. Only the best is good enough for Charlie and his furry friends.

Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food and Treats specializes in Ready to Serve complete and balanced food and treats for dogs (cats to follow soon) to give our furry friends the true fresh living experience. This long awaited pet food range is dedicated to making only healthy homemade food and treats for pets.

We believe our dogs and cats deserve only the best fresh food to help them live their best and happiest tail-wagging lives. That is why we developed a totally different ideology when developing our recipes – to focus only on recipes that use fresh, whole ingredients, gently cooked and kept in a fridge or freezer where meats belong.

Our recipes are made with South African raised pork, beef, lamb and chicken delivered daily to the factory where they are blended and steam-cooked to lock in the vital nutrients, all done according to the stringent food safety requirements.

The factory complies with all food safety requirements and are HACCP, FSSC 22000 and ZA approved.

Only raw material, vitamins and minerals suitable for both human consumption and pet consumption are used in our recipes to enhance the recipe with all the extra vitamins and minerals needed to give your pet a complete and balanced diet. Our food recipes and products are all being developed by Specialist Animal Nutritionists and offer a complete and balanced meal solution catering for all your companion’s essential needs.

We only use the best and freshest ingredients in our products

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