Gourmet Dog Food


Welcome To The Fresh Living Experience

At Chunky Charlie, we know that dogs are more than just pets. They are companions, family members and friends. We believe they deserve the best food to live their best life. That is why we use farm fresh meat and vegetables providing all the proteins, fibre, vitamins and minerals your loyal pooch needs.

Try Chunky Charlie Gourmet Dog Food and be your pup’s hero. It is the most rewarding way to show your faithful companion how much you care.

Our recipes that are developed by registered animal nutritionists are made with high quality farm raised pork, beef, lamb and chicken delivered daily to the factory. They are then blended and steam-cooked to lock in the vital nutrients, all done according to stringent food safety requirements.

Raw materials, vitamins and minerals suitable for both human and pet consumption are used in our recipes, to enhance the recipe with all the extra vitamins and minerals needed to give dogs a complete and balanced diet.

Daily Nutrition

Guaranteed Analysis     % / Kg
Meat and animal derivatives 70.35
Water 12
Vital wheat gluten 6
Glycerin 4
Tapioca starch 2.35
Fibre 2
STPP 0.7
Limestone, Calcium carbonate 0.65
Guar gum  0.6
Vitamin and mineral premix 0.4
Table salt  0.35
MDCP 0.2
Vitamin C 0.1
Flavouring 0.1
Potassium Sorbate 0.1
Sodium benzoate 0.1
Total 100


Chunky Charlie will have tails wagging

Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food is a mouth-watering ready-to-serve pet food made from fresh natural ingredients that provides all the nutrients to ensure dogs are healthy and happy. The range is launched with three different dog food flavours and puppy food. A juicy range cat food will follow soon.

Chunky Charlie is a new category of pet food. The fresh living experience for South Africans who love everything natural. From the moment we start developing new innovative recipes, we source only the best, freshest ingredients and make our recipes with the finest attention to detail. Our factory adheres to the highest standards of food health and safety, because only the best is good enough for Charlie and his furry friends.

The unique plastic packaging is a first for South Africa. Pet owners in America, Australia and Europe have already discovered the ease of pet food in a roll. Chunky Charlie Gourmet Pet Food is a frozen product and should be kept in a freezer. Once opened, it should always be refrigerated and kept in a sealed container. Use within 3-4 days after opened.

A Proud Member of the Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa

The Pet Food Industry Association of Southern Africa is dedicated to regulating and upholding quality and safety standards of pet food products.

Being a member of the PFI-SA proudly displays a commitment to international standards of safe and ethical pet nutrition, giving you peace of mind that your dog is receiving the best.