Who is Chunky Charlie?

Your dog is more than “just a dog”. He’s your best friend, your fur child, your companion of choice.

That’s why Chunky Charlie believes that your dog deserves the best food to live their best life. By using top of the range farm-fresh meat and vegetables, Chunky Charlie provides all the protein, fibre, vitamins, and minerals your faithful fido needs – no add-ins necessary!

You can serve Chunky Charlie to your precious pup with the confidence of a lovingly home-cooked meal – without the hassle. Our carefully formulated recipes, developed by registered animal nutritionists, are made with high quality farm raised beef, lamb, and chicken, delivered to us daily. Blended to perfection and steam cooked to lock in vital nutrients, Chunky Charlie is then quick frozen to ensure that none of the goodness is lost.

We follow the most stringent of food safety requirements. This, combined with our commitment to using only the best in fresh meat and vegetables, means that Chunky Charlie is fit for both human and animal consumption.

Chunky Charlie is not only a complete and balanced diet for your best friend, it’s tasty too! Put Chunky Charlie to the test with your pup and watch that tail start wagging!

Chunky Charlie – it’s Charlie’s Choice.

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